As artists, we tend to be more concerned than the average consumer with the effect of our habits and purchasing choices on the environment. The earth, the waters, the skies and the stars are endlessly inspiring so of course when given the choice, we err on the side of conservation. It’s the little things we do on a daily basis,  that add up over the course of our lives to make a difference in the ecological footprint we leave behind. So, let me share some tips and hints for eco-friendly framing.

Many of our frames are supplied by all American Woods. From sources of hardwoods stock solely from their production facility.

Custom profiles are available as small in size as o.5” (1.28 cm) thick x .75” (1.91 cm) wide and available as wide as 6” (15.27 cm) thick x 9.25” (23.55 cm) wide. This wide size range offers our customer base a plethora of options.

 From our beginnings in 1999 as a small art shop making only a few frames to currently offering nearly 1700 different profiles milled from a wide array of American-sourced hardwoods with nearly endless selection of finishes, Frames on Main has quickly evolved into the choice company for even the most selective customer needs. With an emphasis on quality, selection and budget, they surpass the competition.

We offer a unique blend of services and top quality products that allow us to excel in every framing field. Be it framed mirrors, custom framing, ready-made frames of special projects, Frames on Main delivers astonishing quality that is sure to please even the most refined customer.