Art has always been in my heart.

I remember as a child going to the tobacco fields with my family. I would smooth out the soft dirt at the end of the tobacco rolls and draw with feathers and sticks. My mother (Nannie Ginter) would buy the ends of wallpaper for me to draw on. I guess she figured she would save the walls in her house that way.

I used my number two school pencils to draw with, my darks being black shoe polish from a jar. I still have one of those drawings hanging in my dad's (Colemen Ginter) house. I have studied oil painting and photography at Eastern Kentucky, University of Kentucky, Morehead State University, Center for the Arts, My Dora, Florida, and as many workshops as I can find the time and money to take.

I am very active in the Arts, participating whenever time allows. I am a member of the Winchester Art Guild, Morehead Art Guild Inc., Gateway Center for the Arts, Lexington Art League, Louisville Art League, and am currently in galleries across Kentucky. I find my favourite media is oil painting. I love Still Life. I suppose it's because I can control the light.

Anything unique, or different will catch my eye, for instance dad's tools casually leaning against the wall after use, moms kitchen tools that sit next to her cook stove in a jug for as long as I can remember, a raindrop with its many colours after a rain. These things have meaning for me. I hope if those things stir something inside me, it will also for the person seeing them after I paint them. I want my work to convey something special and make whoever sees have a lasting memory or a happy moment.

In my travels across Kentucky I lock my wheels up often. When I see something that grabs me, I have to stop. It might be an old car, truck, farm machinery, something rusting, that has character, or a breath-taking sunset. Some of my favourites are TOBACCO RAILROAD, because I've never seen tobacco cured on railroad tracks; and LEEDS IN THE RAIN, I love the way light dances on the water in the rain. Those are just two of my favourites. I have too many to mention, time wouldn't allow anyway.My long-term goal is to paint a street scene of all 120 counties of Kentucky. I realize this is a big project and will take a long time and lots of cash to finish since I actually visit these towns and photograph to paint from, but I feel very compelled to do this. My only regret is starting the love of my life so late in life. But I figure if Grandma Moses can do it so can I.I love what Napoleon Hill wrote: "Whatever the mind can conceive, and believe, it can achieve."

Brenda Salyers
- Owner, artist, framer

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